Our Products

DEECOL High Carbon

VM : - 45% to 50%
Ash: - 6% to 8%
Carbon : - By Difference

DEECOL Premium

VM : - 50% to 55%
Ash: - 4% to 6%
Carbon : - By Difference

DEECOL Regular

VM : - 55% to 60%
Ash: - 4% to 6%
Carbon : - By Difference

1. DEECOL is easy to mix and not susceptible to sand and temperature varitions.
2. It possesses superior compression strength.
3. It has good refractioness and is highly economical due to low addition.
4. It overcomes the problems like mould dialition, scabs, red tails, buckles, pinholes and blowholes.
5. It does not fume or smell while pouring is carried out, hence none hazardous.
6. It has considerably very low moisture contant and hence reducing the risk of gas deffects, it gives moulds casting excellent surface finish and hence they are dimensionally accurate.

Coal Dust

Keep in covered place away from moisture and flames.
Store in stacks of 2mtrs high maximum.
During storage ensure that any other carbonaceous material is stacked such that, at least 1 mtr. gap is maintained.
Ensure storage of only sealed bags while stacking.